Gundam Pixie Conversion Kit Not to Be

Way back in October of 2011, when I still lived in Seattle, I placed an order for a recast of the old B-Club resin conversion parts to turn the MG Gundam ground type into an MG Gundam Pixie. It took several years for enough preorders to come in for the production order to go ahead, and then… nothing. When I asked after the order in January of last year, when the long-awaited final preorder was in, I was told to expect a status update soon. That update never came, and today, when I checked again on a whim, I learned Hobbyfan had at some point decided to no longer sell reproduction resin kits. My order — and those of other builders, at least a couple of whom were persuaded by my campaign on this site to get the last few orders placed — will never be filled.

Perhaps the conversion kit is available elsewhere, or will surface again. If I return to my Gunpla hobby with sufficient gusto in the future, I'll definitely resume my search for a way to actualize a Master Grade Pixie. However, for now, I feel mixed disappointment and relief to put this dream to rest.

RG Zeta Gundam Won't Be Completed

I'm sorry to report that my drawn-out work on the RG Zeta Gundam will be left unfinished. A mishap during building today resulted in damage that leaves me presently unable to proceed. Between this setback and my frustration in general with the kit's delicacy and finickiness, I've decided to leave it be. Brief thoughts have been appended to the gallery page. As I discuss there, I'll note here that, despite my difficulties, I don't mean to condemn the kit for my mistake.

RG Zeta Work Continues

Finally got back to work a little bit this past weekend and built a little more of the RG Zeta Gundam, this time with my proper tools in hand. The clippers make things quite easier, and it's nice to use a Gundam Marker instead of ruining ballpoint pens, but I'm proceeding with the rest of this kit as I began, without elaborating details very much, and keeping it very basic.

Zeta now has one finished arm, and some skirt armor. Only the other arm and the waverider junk remain.

Wanna Buy a Gundam?

After years of keeping my models in storage, and only ever having enough space to display a select few, I've decided to auction some of my completed kits. Doing so will both free up space (still very limited in my tiny apartment) and provide funding for kits I'd like to build, but haven't in part because of the expense. I didn't make this decision lightly, but I've realized I enjoy building Gunpla more than owning them, and that my finished models don't amount to anything if they never get out of their boxes. I hope they'll end up with appreciative owners who can actually display them, or even find new life by contributing parts to new builds.

Before I list these models on eBay, I'd like to give my readers a first crack at them. Please get in touch if you'd like to buy any of the following models:

MG Hyaku-Shiki, MG Unicorn Gundam OVA ver., MG Gundam ver. 2.0, MG Gundam Ez8.

Unicorn at an End

After much foot-dragging on my part on top of the years of waiting, this afternoon I finally finished watching Gundam Unicorn. The following image summarizes my thoughts:

Son, I am disappoint

More articulate criticism and reflection may follow, if only for the sake of catharsis, but for now suffice it to indicate my displeasure that I've removed the Sinanju from the projected projects list. To be fair, this is partly because I've reduced the number of models I'm considering building in general. However, my disappointment in Unicorn made this cut a much easier choice.

Wolfgar in New Yark

Thanks to the excavation efforts of a good friend out west, I have my models again after another two-year absence. Shelf space is very limited, but happily sufficient to accommodate my beloved Wolfgar Zakus.

Importantly, my stash of Gunpla also contained this:

The RG Zeta should be a bit easier to wrap up with my trusty tools in hand. Moreover, they enable me to begin work on the Tallgeese after the Zeta's done.

Projected Project Updates

I've added the MG Gundam Epyon the the projected projects page as a possible future build with a custom color scheme. Trivia for the day: the old HG 1/100 Epyon was the kit I last wanted to build during my brief initial foray into Gunpla back in my first year of high school, but I never got to it before my interests drifted elsewhere. Building the Master Grade Epyon would thus close the symbolic circle linking my early encounter with Gunpla with my later work and interest.

I also removed the MG Tallgeese from the list, since that's no longer a projected project, but a project actually in the queue. (I believe this is the first time I've had a queue, even just of one kit waiting to be built after another.)

RG Zeta Progress

I've updated the RG Zeta gallery to reflect work from the weekend. The arm frames are in place, and the torso seems more or less complete.

Gundam Pixie and Efreet to Appear in PS3 Game

The upcoming Playstation 3 title Gundam Gaiden Missing Link will feature both the elusive Gundam Pixie and the Efreet, both mobile suits originally introduced in the SNES game Cross Dimension 0079. As the song says, this is no reason to get excited, but it strikes me the existence of these suits as 3D models could represent one step closer to their production as kits. Something to keep an eye on…

Images via Famitsu.

New Guide: How to Damage a Gundam

No, I don't have any pointers for aspiring grunt pilots hoping to beat seemingly invicible protagonists, but I do have a new guide page on the basics of creating Gunpla battle damage. It uses photos from the construction of Ray's Zaku cannon type, so the background of my Seattle apartment is a couple years out of date.

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