About the Site

Martin Wandering is about Gunpla and life in the Wild West now in the Big City. Originally established as a gallery for me to showcase the Gundam models I built during my one-year stay in Taibei, Taiwan from August 2007 to August 2008, over the course of that year the site grew to include model-building how-to guides explaining my methods. As I continue to share my own work (and that of interested contributors) and add more guides and tutorials, the site stands for my belief that it's worth putting effort into Gunpla models, rather than slapping them together out of the box, but that a quality result can be achieved using simple, beginner's skills.

This version 2.0 site was built with Jekyll, expertly handcrafted by my Chief Engineer, Andrew Merenbach.

About Martin

My first encounter with Gundam came sometime in my elementary-school years, when I beheld the incredible detail of completed Gunpla on display at a shop in Seattle's international district. I didn't know what they were for a long time, but around my first year of high school, I stumbled somewhere into the middle of Gundam Wing when it was first aired for American audiences. While I had only a vague idea at best of what was going on, I was immediately captivated by the nuanced antagonism of Zechs Merquise, and the awesome spectacle of mobile suit combat. Following the conclusion of the series (and the airing of Endless Waltz thereafter), I sloppily built a handful of HG 1/100 kits, then left my model-building hobby behind… Or so I thought.

Seven-odd years later, I rediscovered Gundam models in the hobby shop havens of Ximending, in Taibei. During my year in Taiwan, my formerly casual hobby became something of an addiction as I began building Master Grade models and grew into a hardcore Universal Century fan. Despite years-long lulls between kits since returning from Taiwan, Gundam and Gunpla-building remain my foremost fandom and highest-honored hobby.

I welcome all comments, questions, and other communication via my contact form, or at martin [dot] wandering [at] gmail [dot] com.

About Wandering

People have asked, so here's my answer:

The essence of wandering, it seems to me, is to be without fixed destination. I took up the epithet in preparation for my sojourn in Taiwan, as it seemed apropos of my preparations for extended travel. Yet to wander is not merely to travel, nor even to travel without particular destinations in mind. The word is related to 'wend' and 'wind,' implying some drifting and turning back and forth, weaving one's path through the terrain. Going in such a manner, one may perhaps come across an undiscovered treasure, or chance upon a kindred soul with whom one otherwise would not have met. Wandering is that mode of traveling onward, open to the suggestion of place and time, which more than anything else isn't concerned with going to anywhere, just with going.