Tremendous catastrophe, I know. I made sure to take a picture on Friday, then only realized yesterday that I hadn't actually posted last week's groundbreaking tenth installment of Char's antics on my desk. As you can see, it also slipped my mind to post belatedly last night, so at this point I'm just going to save it for this Friday. Hope you can all stand the suspense.

Meanwhile, make up for the lack of weekly Zakus in your life by taking a gander at these scans (courtesy of Gundam Guy) of some masterfully built conversions of MG ver. 2.0 Zaku IIs in the redesigned style of Gundam: The Origin. Have to say I don't care for Okawara's take two version of the Zaku design, particularly not the different shape of the visor. That alteration of the brow totally changes the suit's personality and really takes away a lot of its Zaku-ness.

With The Origin slated to be animated, no doubt we'll be seeing model kits of these redesigned classics before long, including the slightly reconfigured version of the Gundam itself.