While I don't want to be one of those bloggers who constantly regurgitates news from elsewhere, I figure A. all the cool kids are doing it, and B. I only feel moved to repeat tidbits that really deserve to be shouted out from the figurative rooftops of Gundam fandom.

Such a tidbit is today's news that an animation project related to the comic Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin is being launched. The comic is a "re-imagining" of the story of the original Mobile Suit Gundam. Although the exact nature of the new animation has yet to be announced, an animated treatment of the comic would be tantamount to a new version of the original Gundam series, and in today's market of reboots and remakes, a recapitulation of the 30-year-old series doesn't seem out of the question. Perhaps such a reiteration would follow on the heels of Gundam Unicorn as part of a major campaign to reinvigorate the flagship Universal Century franchise.

I welcome new additions to the UC continuity, and while I imagine redoing First Gundam entails tremendous risks in many ways, it does strike me as something potentially very good for the UC franchise, as well as something potentially very awesome in its own right. MSG became a history-making and well-loved series despite harsh budgetary limitations and skepticism about the premise. An update of the series could really do some of the action great justice while giving new life to the great classic. As a die-hard UC fan, my primary reservation is regarding how faithful such a remake would be. I'm not familiar with The Origin manga, but I do know it's retelling of the story varies from the original animation. That in and of itself wouldn't necessarily bother me, but faithfulness to the spirit, style, and feel of the original would be key.