I hardly need to point out things have been slow around here since I left Seattle, nor reiterate my common complaint of inability to pursue my Gunpla hobby under my current circumstances. However, I want to acknowledge a bit more fully that those circumstances aren't likely to permit me to build more models for some time. Happily, I began a new job in July and will move into a new apartment this month, but still neither my income nor my living arrangements readily permit me to resume building models. That probably isn't going to change in the next year, if not longer.

Nevertheless, my passion for Gundam remains, and the occasional e-mails from readers old and new remind me this site in its existing form remains a resource for some. However long it may be before I clip another piece from a sprue, there's no reason not to at least maintain the site. That said, I've decided to leave off posting bits of Gundam news when I barely keep up with the goings-on in the Gundam world myself. At best, my news posts draw attention to items of particular interest to me, but accomplish little more than that. Real sources of consistent Gundam news aren't hard to find.

I will of course always respond to any e-mailed questions, and I may even add some other new content over time. For the most part, though, expect this little site to remain pretty quiet.