Way back in October of 2011, when I still lived in Seattle, I placed an order for a recast of the old B-Club resin conversion parts to turn the MG Gundam ground type into an MG Gundam Pixie. It took several years for enough preorders to come in for the production order to go ahead, and then… nothing. When I asked after the order in January of last year, when the long-awaited final preorder was in, I was told to expect a status update soon. That update never came, and today, when I checked again on a whim, I learned Hobbyfan had at some point decided to no longer sell reproduction resin kits. My order — and those of other builders, at least a couple of whom were persuaded by my campaign on this site to get the last few orders placed — will never be filled.

Perhaps the conversion kit is available elsewhere, or will surface again. If I return to my Gunpla hobby with sufficient gusto in the future, I'll definitely resume my search for a way to actualize a Master Grade Pixie. However, for now, I feel mixed disappointment and relief to put this dream to rest.