Dear readers, and fellow Gunpla modelers and Gundam fans, one and all: welcome to my little site.

After something like two years of piddling around, and a good deal of hard work (mostly on the part of my cousin and chief engineer, Andrew Merenbach), this new and improved remodeling of my Gundam-related corner of the interwebs is at last ready to roll out — now in its own domain, and elegantly powered by Drupal 7. Aside from looking less like something cobbled together with rocks, string, and middle school HTML, this version 2.0 site will allow me to make more updates more easily, allow you to comment on them, and help keep things going more smoothly and more better all around.

The old site will remain at its previous location, but no further updates will be made there. Aside from all my previous front page posts, all other content is available here, delicious as ever.

More to follow soon, of course. For now, take a look around, get started telling me how much you adore my models/how much my work sucks, and asking questions.

Welcome, again. May your soul fly free of gravity's pull.