Long time no see, dear readers, if there are any of you left. Not long after the previous posting I made good on my plan to head east, and have been enjoying big city life in Manhattan. Unfortunately my Gunpla hobby has once again taken a big hit and is stranded on indefinite hiatus while I await more income and space to resume building. Sadly, my whole collection of darling robots remains on the west coast, boxed along with the bulk of my possessions (mostly books).

However, as ever my love of Gundam remains, and despite my inability to bring you much substantial new content, this little site is far from dead. I'll at least continue to check in from time to time until my poor models can be shipped out here when I have someplace to put them, and at some point pick up my building once again.

In the meantime, a note of interest: there's still no sign of the MG Tallgeese I hoped might follow the five Wing gundams, but the Leo is joining the Robot Tamashii action figure line. While it may just be delusional optimism on my part, I wonder if the Leo figure might represent an initial effort to update the engineering of the basic design shared by the Leo and Tallgeese in preparation for other new offerings of both. You can count on me keeping an eye out for such a development.