On a non-Gunpla (but still Gundam-related) note, another installment of the Char's Deleted Affair manga should be released in the near future from the interwebs' favorite Gundam translation group, Zeonic Scanlations.

As some of you may know, dear readers, I've been doing sporadic editing and quality checking work for Zeonic for the last couple years, mostly in the hopes of seeing Char's Deleted Affair completed after however many years it's been on Zeonic's docket. I'm always excited when another few pieces of the comic land in my inbox to be tidied up a bit before being released, and that's just what happened yesterday. From the looks of it, we're gearing up to release volume 6, which I believe marks the halfway point in the series.

For Universal Century buffs and especially fans of Char, this is a must-read series with excellent drawing, some interesting mecha design, and excellent mobile suit combat. (Nothing like seeing Char fight a beam saber battle with one GM while delivering the Red Comet Kick to another at the same time.) The story covers Char's time on the asteroid Axis between the end of the One Year War and his return to the Earth sphere before the events of Z Gundam. Check out the first five volumes, already released by Zeonic… If you're prepared to endure the wait to see the rest. Not gonna lie, it could be awhile.