I don't understand why spammers are so hellbent on leaving comments about knock-off handbags on the Shin Musha Gundam's gallery.

Meanwhile, I've discovered a couple of sellers who appear to carry my long-sought Gundam Color Spray paints. From the looks of things, it seems the manufacturer may've re-released the line in February with a price hike and perhaps a formula that allows the paints to be sold in the US. (My trouble obtaining them since leaving Taiwan was evidently due to some substance in the accelerant deemed too cancer-causing to be legal in this country.) On the other hand, if that's not the case, it wouldn't be the first time I've found a seller who carries the paints, but won't ship them to the US. Accordingly I remain hopeful, yet skeptical.

I'll try to place an order tomorrow. If that pans out, I won't need to either arrange to have the contraband spraycans smuggled out of Japan, or go back to Asia just to spend a day preparing and painting the parts of the one kit I've yet to build which must be painted in proper Zaku colors. Yes indeed, if I can order these paints, then at long last the time will have come to build Ray Hamilton's Zaku cannon type, and at least finish the Wolfgar Team Zakus.

But I won't sound the trumpets just yet. For now, I shall still bide my time, and hold out hope.