News is out that the new Gundam series hinted at over the last few months will be another alternate continuity franchise, not a new Universal Century installment, as had been suggested by some and hoped for by many (or at least me). Instead, Gundam Age looks to be a watered-down recapitulation of the usual Gundam tropes regurgitated as a craptacular shonen animoo aimed at a prepubescent audience, featuring mecha designs that look like rejects from the Gundam 00 planning stage. (Incidentally, I understand many of the same folks who brought us 00 are involved with this new project.)

The new gundam itself (which presumably runs on protagonist power, something at least marginally more plausible than Gundam 00's magical fairy dust) features optional add-on equipment to create speedy or beefcake versions of the suit, which is to say the design primarily serves Bandai's merchandising machine (no surprises there). No doubt it won't be long before we find out about this one's extra shiny/nonsensical color change/magical girl mode.

All I can say is at least we've still got Gundam Unicorn coming out.

End of line.