Unicorn Gundam Shoulders Complete

Only managed to spend a little time this weekend on the Unicorn, just enough to put together the shoulder armors. As with most of the other components in this model, these take the cake for most complicated shoulder armors I've ever built.

No new pictures yet. Just the backpack and head remain.

Char in the Office, Week 3

This seems to be becoming a bit of a regular thing. Consider it an ongoing celebration of the freedom from gravity represented by the end of the work week.

The Red Comet sets his sights fairly high this week. But note the kneeling stance. An ambitious objective requires humility and a stable base. … Damn. That was downright sagely.

Unicorn Gundam Arms Complete

While all the other boys and girls were probably playing outside, I spent my day off building the Unicorn Gundam's arms. A couple of additional pictures are now in the gallery.

I'm surprised how quickly this project is moving along, despite the complexity of the model. On the other hand, much of that complexity is only apparent. In fact, it may not be that the kit is actually more complex than other models (indeed, something like the Hi-Nu Gundam, with its much more extensively detailed internal frame, may rightly be said to be more complex), but that it is more ingenious on account of its elaborate transformation mechanism. Because of that mechanism, the model definitely has a different feel than everything I've built before in terms of the kinds of parts it uses and the ways those parts fit together. That different impression is easy to regard as heightened complexity.

In any case, only the shoulder armor, backpack, and head remain, aside from the suit's weapons. At this point I'm probably past the halfway mark.

Unicorn Gundam Legs Complete

… But it's still no time for dancey dancey. New photos added to the Unicorn's gallery, as usual.

Lack of flexibility in the knee is pretty disappointing considering the vintage of the model. However, the issue certainly isn't one of engineering, but simply of the leg's design. Katoki just made it that way, rather inexplicably. Indeed, the severely limited range of motion in the knee is the main issue addressed by the minor redesign of the MG model represented by the OVA ver. kit that I'm building. Unfortunately, despite some improvement, the knee still has far less bend than most other contemporary MG offerings.

Nevertheless, some handsome stompers.

Char in the Office, Again

Geared up for the three-day weekend, Char steps out to wreak some havoc.

Didn't realize I had Monday off till this morning. Definitely a pleasant surprise. Not yet certain how I'll spend the day, but working on the Unicorn is probably a good bet.

Happy Friday.

Unicorn Gundam Feet Complete

Added one new picture of the Unicorn's fancy dancey dancers to the appropriate gallery. Very exciting ankles.

Unicorn Gundam Torso and Waist Units Complete

Photos of the work so far added to the Unicorn's gallery.

It hasn't quite sunk in yet that I'm back at it after all this time.

Ez8 vs. Wolfgar Team

The three completed Wolfgar Zakus were naturally the first models to be unpacked and put on display atop my new shelving in the Seattle apartment. At the same time, the Gundam Ez8 hadn't been unpacked since being stowed for transport from Taiwan almost three years ago! To give him a bit of fresh air (and because I'm thinking of touching the kit up with some weathering), I let Ez8 loose on the shelves as well.

Naturally, it didn't take long for the two sides to start calling each other names, and before I knew it, this fight had broken out. I managed to get a few pictures of the Zakus and the gundam, and have appended them to their respective galleries.

Happy Friday.

Tallgeese Rumblings

If you've been putting up with my rambling since back in the day, dear reader, you know that I've long been hoping for an updated Tallgeese kit, preferably in the Master Grade lineup. With the release of the five Endless Waltz gundams, and now the Epyon in that lineup, I've been hopeful that an MG Tallgeese may be a real possibility.

Also coming down the pipe in the near future is a Tallgeese III figure in the Robot Damashii line. Not something I have any interest in of itself, but it suggests the possibility that Bandai has its engineers on the project of updating the Tallgeese model design for other releases. Given what I've seen in some of the recent Wing manga, I imagine there may be some interest in producing Leo kits in the not-too-distant future, and producing a workable Tallgeese kit would not only be quite apropos to that purpose, but would be functionally useful as well.

On the other hand, the Robot Damashii Tallgeese could signal that Bandai has no interest in producing a more expensive version of the suit in MG form, instead just resigning the Tallgeese redesign to a figure line.

Optimism isn't one of my natural qualities, but when it comes to Tallgeese I try to continue to be hopeful. Plus, I figure Bandai's tendency toward as much merchandising as possible is pretty reliable.

Has anybody been following the releases of certain suits as figures and kits closely enough to see any pattern or relationship between model and figure releases?

Wolfgar Memories

While sorting through my photos in preparation for posting a few new pictures of the Wolfgar Zakus in my new Seattle digs, I discovered a couple of nice shots of the team taken back in Portland that I'd neglected to add to their gallery. These small blasts from the recent past are now in their proper place.

The new pictures will follow soon.

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