What Does This Button Do?

If you've been browsing around the site, dear reader, you've probably noticed some buttons. Thought I'd take a moment to explain these new additions:

  • RSS: The little Char's Zaku in the header will let you subscribe to this site's RSS feed.
  • Facebook: The blue-colored GM at the bottom of many pages allows you to share the page you're viewing on Facebook.
  • Twitter: Similarly, the appropriately colored Gouf button shares the page you're viewing via Twitter.

I don't actually use Facebook, Twitter, or even RSS myself, but I know many of you hip youngsters are all about that new-fangled jazz. These features were added to accommodate any users who think anything here is cool (or laughable) enough to share around. Plus I like making shiny buttons out of SNES sprites.

Consolation Prize

I may not have gotten around to the Unicorn just yet, but I did dust off my trusty tools a little while ago to put together the hangar bay display stand for the SHCM Pro Char's Zaku II. A few new photos finally complete that gallery.

False Start

My least favorite thing about blogs and bloggers is the all-too-frequent making of excuses for not blogging. Blogging about not blogging, as it were. Very meta. In any case, here I am doing it already.

Long story short, life got in the way — as it often does — of my spending my free time as I had planned, and I didn't get to begin work on the Unicorn this weekend. However, so as to have something to show for my announcement of the beginning of that project, I have established the Unicorn's gallery page.

I won't jinx myself by saying the work will for sure commence next weekend, or sometime this week, or by any other particular time. But the work will begin.

The Beast of Possibility

Work to begin this weekend.

Topcoat Get

After some shipping confusion and much travail to retrieve the package from the post office, I am happily in possession of two cans (no doubt to be followed in time by many more) of the water-based Mr. Hobby topcoat I preferred to use back in Taiwan. With this, I at last have everything I need to begin a new project…

MG Delta Plus

Looks like an MG Delta Plus prototype has been spotted at the Shizuoka Hobby Show. No surprise there, but glad to see it nonetheless.

Still wondering about an OVA ver. Sinanju and an MG Kshatriya myself.

News via Gundam Guy.

Char in the New Office

Char's Zaku has of course come along to inhabit my desk at my company's new office in downtown Seattle. As you can see, I've finally built the figure's hangar bay. Look forward to a few more photos of that to be added to the appropriate gallery.

Hello Again, World

Dear readers, and fellow Gunpla modelers and Gundam fans, one and all: welcome to my little site.

After something like two years of piddling around, and a good deal of hard work (mostly on the part of my cousin and chief engineer, Andrew Merenbach), this new and improved remodeling of my Gundam-related corner of the interwebs is at last ready to roll out — now in its own domain, and elegantly powered by Drupal 7. Aside from looking less like something cobbled together with rocks, string, and middle school HTML, this version 2.0 site will allow me to make more updates more easily, allow you to comment on them, and help keep things going more smoothly and more better all around.

The old site will remain at its previous location, but no further updates will be made there. Aside from all my previous front page posts, all other content is available here, delicious as ever.

More to follow soon, of course. For now, take a look around, get started telling me how much you adore my models/how much my work sucks, and asking questions.

Welcome, again. May your soul fly free of gravity's pull.

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