RG Zeta Progress

I've just updated the RG Zeta gallery with last night's work. The head unit and part of the body are complete.

RG Zeta Work Underway

This is one of the downsides of building Gunpla, but these crumbs are a problem I'm not unhappy to have again.

The RG Zeta gallery has been updated with the first few photos. I've only built the first leg, but it's already apparent this kit is at least as intricate as any Master Grade, and no doubt probably more so than most because it's a transformable one. Between the high level of detail, greater-than-usual number of small parts, and smaller scale, the build is definitely a fair bit of work, even without painting or worrying too much about detailing.

Surprise Attack

After a two-year dearth of Gunpla, I suddenly find myself with two kits on my hands. The Tallgeese, of course, has been at the top of my list since I first heard of it, and I ordered it recently in anticipation of the retrieval of my models and tools from storage. On the other hand, the RG Zeta Gundam came as a surprise gift from one of my readers, and happened to arrive yesterday, the day before the Tallgeese.

Despite my previous declaration of intent to return to Gunpla by building the Tallgeese, I must first wait for the return of my tools (or else get replacements) and save up a bit for the order of paints the kit will require. Accordingly, the unexpected RG Zeta will be first up, since I figure I'll try to build it without any special supplies, just out of the box.

You'll find the Zeta's gallery page already set up. I'll probably get started on it this weekend.

Pixie Pending?

Over a year ago, I announced the Gundam Pixie conversion parts were one order away from the ten-order quorum required for a production run. Now, more than two years since I put my name on the waiting list, it seems the final order is in. The item listing now indicates an estimated arrival next month.

I contacted Hobbyfan for clarification. They confirmed the requisite orders have been placed, and explained they'll now contact their workshop to determine whether a new reproduction can be made. If not, the orders will be canceled, the item no longer listed, and that may well spell doom for my hopes of building the Pixie.

However, if the new production is made, I may soon unexpectedly find myself with my most longed-for and challenging Gunpla project on my hands.

Projected Project Updates

The Gundam bug has caught up to me, it seems, and I'm finally looking to get back to building. I've added the ver. Ka Sazabi to the list, which I've meant to do for awhile, and updated the Nu Gundam ver. Ka's entry.

UPDATE: I've also added the RX-78-2 ver. 3.0.

Going Quiet

I hardly need to point out things have been slow around here since I left Seattle, nor reiterate my common complaint of inability to pursue my Gunpla hobby under my current circumstances. However, I want to acknowledge a bit more fully that those circumstances aren't likely to permit me to build more models for some time. Happily, I began a new job in July and will move into a new apartment this month, but still neither my income nor my living arrangements readily permit me to resume building models. That probably isn't going to change in the next year, if not longer.

Nevertheless, my passion for Gundam remains, and the occasional e-mails from readers old and new remind me this site in its existing form remains a resource for some. However long it may be before I clip another piece from a sprue, there's no reason not to at least maintain the site. That said, I've decided to leave off posting bits of Gundam news when I barely keep up with the goings-on in the Gundam world myself. At best, my news posts draw attention to items of particular interest to me, but accomplish little more than that. Real sources of consistent Gundam news aren't hard to find.

I will of course always respond to any e-mailed questions, and I may even add some other new content over time. For the most part, though, expect this little site to remain pretty quiet.

MG Sazabi ver. Ka Announced

I'm not keeping up closely with Gundam news these days, but I'd be remiss not to mention the announcement of a new Master Grade Sazabi. The ver. Ka treatment of this heavy hitter will go on sale in December. No word yet on the price.

Needless to say I'd like to add this to my to-build list, but sadly it still doesn't look like my triumphant return to Gunpla will come any time soon.

News via Gundam Guy.

Master Grade Gundam ver. 3.0 Announced

The latest MG iteration of the RX-78-2 Gundam, announced at the Shizuoka Hobby Show, takes its design cues from the 1/144 Real Grade version, and incorporates the advances in MG engineering demonstrated by the Nu Gundam ver. Ka. released last year. The fifth major version of the original Gundam in the Master Grade lineup is scheduled for August release at a price of ¥4,500.

News and image via Cybergundam Blog.

Master Grade Geara Doga Announced

The good times continue to roll for fans of grunt suits. The Geara Doga, the workhorse Neo Zeon mobile suit from Char's Counterattack, will finally join the Master Grade lineup in July, with a ¥>5,040 pricetag.

News and image via Gundam Guy.

Final "Gundam Unicorn" Episode Next Year

In what must be a contender for biggest cliffhanger trolling ever, the unexpected seventh and final episode of the Gundam Unicorn OVA will not be released till spring 2014. The last episode will be titled "Over the Rainbow", which seems an appropriate substitution for 'Jumping the Shark'.

With wait times between previous episodes having often exceeded six months each over the last four years (!), this final interim is pretty much par for the course. However, as a devoted and long-suffering Universal Century fan already strung along this far, I can't help but feel a yearlong wait before wrapping up the series adds insult to injury.

The news comes via a pamphlet circulated at the first screening of the sixth episode, which will be generally available later this month.

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