Master Grade Sinanju OVA ver. Announced

As I suspected, a new MG Sinanju is on the way, this one modeled after the suit's appearance in the Unicorn animation. No details yet on the specifics of its differences from or improvements upon the existing Sinanju ver. Ka kit.

The Sinanju OVA ver. will be released in March with a predictably hefty ¥7,875 price tag.

News via Gundam Guy.

Master Grade Tallgeese II

Not too surprisingly the upcoming MG Tallgeese ver. EW will be supplemented by a Tallgeese II, available as a special order item from the P-Bandai Hobby Online Shop. No information yet on pricing, but preorders will be accepted beginning next Friday, January 25th.

UPDATE: The price will be ¥3,990.

News via Gundam Guy.

Pixie Parts Production Run Almost a Go

Those recast Gundam Pixie conversion parts are one order away from becoming a reality. I've been on the waitlist over a year now, and even offered a prize to encourage the last few orders needed to begin a production run.

I don't have any incentives to lure in that tenth order, but consider this: when I placed my order in October 2011, it was the seventh on the list. In over a year since then, only two more orders have been placed. I can only guess how long everyone before me has been waiting, and who knows how long it might be before another production run of these parts ever becomes available?

If you want to build the Gundam Pixie in Master Grade, ever, now would be a good time to act.

MG Tallgeese, Sinanju Stein, Nu Gundam ver. Ka Added to Proj. Proj.

The three awesomtacular Master Grade kits lined up for release the next few months have been added to the projected projects page, though Heaven knows when I'll be able to build any of them.

Master Grade Sinanju Stein Coming February

Another awesome addition to the Master Grade line, the MG Sinanju Stein is slated for February release at ¥7,350. Without the usual advance display of a prototype, the apparently finished kit was on display at the 2012 Gunpla Expo World Tour.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see this kit pop up, and look forward to building it in that golden future when I can take models off my projected projects list and add them to the galleries.

News via Gundam Guy.

Master Grade Tallgeese on Display

The completed model of the long-awaited MG Tallgeese was on display at the 2012 Gunpla Expo World Tour. Faithful to Katoki Hajime's original design, this Endless Waltz version sports yellow trim that didn't appear in the cleaner, mostly white and black TV version. I don't care for the yellow, and will paint over it.

If there remained any doubt, it's also now quite evident the MG Tallgeese features the same interchangeable fixed hands used on the Endless Waltz versions of the five gundams. While these tend to function pretty well, I find the flexibility of articulate hands lends a great deal to the expressiveness of models' posability, so you can count on me replacing those fixed hands whenever I manage to build this beauty.

News via Gundam Guy.

Master Grade Jesta Coming Next Spring

A prototype MG 1/100 Jesta was on display at the 2012 Gunpla Expo World Tour in Japan. Slated for release sometime Spring 2013 for ¥4,500, the MG Jesta will no doubt be welcomed by UC fans hoping for more grunt mobile suits in the Master Grade lineup.

Also on display at the same show was an HGUC 1/144 Jesta Cannon, suggesting a potential reiteration of the MG Jesta to come.

News via Gundam Guy.

"Gundam Unicorn" Episode 6 Release Date

The release of the sixth episode of Gundam Unicorn is slated for March 2nd, with the BD and DVD releases to follow March 22nd. Start your countdown timers.

Meanwhile, of course, no idea yet when the seventh and final episode may be expected.

News via the official Gundam Unicorn website.

Master Grade Tallgeese Coming January

After years of wistful hope, seeing photos of the prototype MG Tallgeese at the All Japan Model and Hobby Show fills me with the excitement of a long-held dream coming true. I don't know when I'll be able to build this, but let it be known: this is the next thing I will build, and if it be the last Gundam model I ever build, I will die without regret.

The Katoki-designed Endless Waltz Tallgeese is scheduled for release January 2013 with a ¥3,800 pricetag.

News via Gundam Guy.

MG Nu Gundam ver. Ka Announced

Photos of pages from one of this month's hobby magazines reveal a new Master Grade 1/100 Nu Gundam is in the works. It'll be out in December for ¥7,350.

I should hope this will be a completely new kit, not something that'll reuse parts from the rather dated MG Nu Gundam. On the other hand, if it uses parts from the brilliant MG Hi-Nu Gundam, that's just fine by me.

This new Nu will pretty certainly go on my to-build list, but Heaven only knows when I'll next be able to build any Gunpla.

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