RX-78-2 Comparison

Courtesy of reader Alberto from Italy, you can now enjoy a broad comparison of the MG Gundam ver. 1.5 and ver. 2.0. This overview is the perfect resource for anyone interested in the major points of difference between the two iterations.

If anybody out there is planning on building the intermediate RX-78-2 ver. OYW, I'd also be interested to integrate that into the comparison gallery.

Pixie Prize Claimed

Ladies and gentlemen, one of your peers has stepped up to my offer incentivizing an order for the recast Gundam Pixie parts and claimed the $5 GGInfinite voucher code. Congratulations and thanks to reader Orion.

Now only two orders left before a production run begins. Keep an eye out for other prizes I may come up with in the near future, or just go ahead and put in your order if you want to get in on these elusive Gunpla parts. Who knows when another production run will happen?

Hosting Heads-Up

Be advised the site's hosting arrangement has changed. As of a few days ago the site is located on a different server. The transition seems to have gone off without a hitch, and so far as I know everything's still running smoothly.

However, if you should encounter any problems with the site or any of its pages, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Raising the Stakes

An update pursuant to the previous post: longtime reader and fellow (much more skilled) builder Lupes has ponied up an additional $5 for the first person to deliver to him screenshot proof of an order placed for the recast Gundam Pixie parts from Hobbyfan. If you're a quick shooter and get that screenshot to both of us, that's a $5 discount code for GGInfinite, good through August, plus $5 cold hard cash via PayPal. A pretty little prize — not to mention the parts to build the unsung Gundam variation of the One Year War you'll score when the production run gets off the ground.

A Plea for the Pixie

As you may recall, awhile ago I mentioned having discovered the availability of a recast of the B-Club resin parts to convert an MG Gundam ground type into the little-known Gundam Pixie from Cross Dimension. Those parts are evidently still available, and seven of the ten orders required to do a production run have been placed.

Once again I wish to call out to any readers who might be interested in building one of the least celebrated Gundam variations (or who might just want some neat parts for a custom model) to consider putting in an order for these Gundam Pixie conversion parts. If you enjoyed the original side story included in Cross Dimension 0079, appreciated my humble continuation of that story in Cross Dimension 0080, are a fan of obscure mobile suit variations, or want to indirectly contribute to getting yours truly a most excellent birthday present (even if the production run started tomorrow the parts probably wouldn't be delivered till around my birthday in September), then take a look at the parts and consider placing an order here.

With only three more orders to go, I'm hopeful I'll get a chance to build the Pixie after all. However, I know those three orders could take years to be placed, if they ever come in at all. In the hopes of greasing the wheels a bit, I'm offering a small incentive. I recently won a $5 discount code to GGInfinite, the Gunpla and modeling supply store associated with Gundam Guy. While I'd like to use it myself, the code is only good through August, and realistically it's not too likely I'll be building again by then. As such, I'm offering my discount code as a token of gratitude to the first person who puts in an order request for the Pixie conversion parts.

The discount code will go to the first person to send me a screenshot of an order confirmation from Hobbyfan. (You can find my e-mail address on the About page.) My offer will stand until the end of July, so on one hand you may have plenty of time to think about it, but on the other hand somebody else might think faster.

I know $5 off an order from GGInfinite isn't much, but perhaps it's enough to spur someone into giving the Pixie parts some thought. Meanwhile, if this little contest proves successful, perhaps I'll arrange for other prize contests in the future…

Unicorn News, Good and Bad

Two pieces of information about Gundam Unicorn have surfaced:

The good news is there will be a seventh episode, which hopefully will give the short series a little more space to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

The not-so-good news is the sixth episode won't be released until spring, 2013. That's 2013, as in a year from now. Heaven only knows when the unexpected seventh episode will follow.

I'll refrain from complaint about such a long wait, but here's hoping the fifth episode, due out this month, won't have a cliffhanger ending we'll have to sit tight and live with a whole year.

News via Anime News Network.

Third Unicorn Soundtrack Released

Of interest to those who enjoy rocking out to the sounds of the Universal Century, the third Gundam Unicorn soundtrack is out today. If the previous two albums are any indication, this two-disc collection will include some excellent stuff. The second disc contains live recordings of several pieces from the earlier soundtracks, which should make for an interesting comparison.

Mayday News

Long time no see, dear readers, if there are any of you left. Not long after the previous posting I made good on my plan to head east, and have been enjoying big city life in Manhattan. Unfortunately my Gunpla hobby has once again taken a big hit and is stranded on indefinite hiatus while I await more income and space to resume building. Sadly, my whole collection of darling robots remains on the west coast, boxed along with the bulk of my possessions (mostly books).

However, as ever my love of Gundam remains, and despite my inability to bring you much substantial new content, this little site is far from dead. I'll at least continue to check in from time to time until my poor models can be shipped out here when I have someplace to put them, and at some point pick up my building once again.

In the meantime, a note of interest: there's still no sign of the MG Tallgeese I hoped might follow the five Wing gundams, but the Leo is joining the Robot Tamashii action figure line. While it may just be delusional optimism on my part, I wonder if the Leo figure might represent an initial effort to update the engineering of the basic design shared by the Leo and Tallgeese in preparation for other new offerings of both. You can count on me keeping an eye out for such a development.

Gundam Unicorn Episode 5 Release Date

The next (and penultimate) episode of Gundam Unicorn is slated for debut May 19th, with the release on disc to follow June 8th.

As we approach the OVA's conclusion, I begin to wonder how well the story will be able to be wrapped up. There remain quite a few unanswered questions, and not a lot of narrative space left to work things out.

News via Gundam Guy.

Char's Deleted Affair Volume 10 Released

It's as fitting as anything to open another year here with an announcement of Zeonic Scanlations' release of the next volume of Char's Deleted Affair. If any of you have been biding time and holding out hope for the completion of this ongoing project for as long as I have, you'll be pleased to know your friends at Zeonic are looking to make a push to finally finish it early this year.

Of course there are no guarantees, but we've been making fair progress. With only four more volumes remaining, we're almost to the home stretch. For now, enjoy volume 10.

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