Char in the Office, Week 6

This week, my favorite mobile suit combat technique… RED COMET KICK. Char shows us that one must be able to spring from a reserved position fully into action to be able to deliver one's strongest strike instantly. Therein is victory. Or something.

Happy Friday. Planning to take a little time to build Unicorn's shield this weekend. More photos to come accordingly. As always, stay tuned.

First Gundam Redux?

While I don't want to be one of those bloggers who constantly regurgitates news from elsewhere, I figure A. all the cool kids are doing it, and B. I only feel moved to repeat tidbits that really deserve to be shouted out from the figurative rooftops of Gundam fandom.

Such a tidbit is today's news that an animation project related to the comic Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin is being launched. The comic is a "re-imagining" of the story of the original Mobile Suit Gundam. Although the exact nature of the new animation has yet to be announced, an animated treatment of the comic would be tantamount to a new version of the original Gundam series, and in today's market of reboots and remakes, a recapitulation of the 30-year-old series doesn't seem out of the question. Perhaps such a reiteration would follow on the heels of Gundam Unicorn as part of a major campaign to reinvigorate the flagship Universal Century franchise.

I welcome new additions to the UC continuity, and while I imagine redoing First Gundam entails tremendous risks in many ways, it does strike me as something potentially very good for the UC franchise, as well as something potentially very awesome in its own right. MSG became a history-making and well-loved series despite harsh budgetary limitations and skepticism about the premise. An update of the series could really do some of the action great justice while giving new life to the great classic. As a die-hard UC fan, my primary reservation is regarding how faithful such a remake would be. I'm not familiar with The Origin manga, but I do know it's retelling of the story varies from the original animation. That in and of itself wouldn't necessarily bother me, but faithfulness to the spirit, style, and feel of the original would be key.

Day of the Unicorn

The laborious and maddening process of transforming the Unicorn Gundam to Destroy mode completed, the gallery now boasts double the number of pictures it had before. Hopefully the transformation is sufficiently well documented to give you an idea of each step, but of course feel free to ask questions in the comments.

I can say pretty confidently that short of posing the Unicorn in fight scenes with the Sinanju somewhere down the line, I will never put myself through this model's transformation again. I'll leave the specifics of my complaints to my final write-up of my thoughts on the kit, but long story short the transformation is a pretty big pain in the butt and the model on the whole sacrifices an awful lot to accommodate it. Anyhow, more on that to come.

Char in the Office, Week 5

This week, Char begins to get up after laying low, and surveys his surroundings. Always begin a time of recovery cautiously and by observing your surroundings.

Happy Friday.

I received the awaited brand new gold Gundam Marker yesterday, which'll allow me to finish the last piece of the Unicorn: the v-fin. Look for my review of the transformation to Destroy mode this weekend.

First Unicorn Gundam Review Photos

The basic front, side, and rear views (and a special additional pose) have been added to the Unicorn's gallery. More of the same will follow for Destroy mode once I've got the fresh gold pen I need to finish the v-fin.

Unicorn Gundam Head Complete

The Unicorn's noble dome piece is done, completing my first post-Taiwan Gunpla. It doesn't feel like a big deal, but considering all that's happened since then, in a way it's quite a milestone.

Here's to my only desire.

Another few photos have been added to the gallery, with the rest of the usual review pictures to follow as I build the weapons and figure out the transformation.

Unicorn Gundam Backpack Complete

… And, along with the arms, topcoated and added to the partially assembled model. A few new photos showing the (sadly limited) flexibility of the arms when connected to the shoulders, and some backpack detail, have been added to the Unicorn's gallery.

All that remains (besides the weapons, of course) is the head. Like the rest of the kit, the Unicorn's noble dome piece looks to be the most complicated component of its kind I've encountered to date. Look for another posting tomorrow or even later this evening.

Char in the Office, Week 4

It may appear as if the Red Comet has fallen on his face, but in fact Char has maneuvered into the prone position to get a good shot without presenting as much of a target. It's just a bit awkward in a mobile suit.

This week's lesson: sometimes you've got to lay low and avoid being taken out in order to have a chance to take your best shot.

Happy Friday. Look forward to some delicious Unicorn-related updates this weekend.

New Alternate Gundam Series

News is out that the new Gundam series hinted at over the last few months will be another alternate continuity franchise, not a new Universal Century installment, as had been suggested by some and hoped for by many (or at least me). Instead, Gundam Age looks to be a watered-down recapitulation of the usual Gundam tropes regurgitated as a craptacular shonen animoo aimed at a prepubescent audience, featuring mecha designs that look like rejects from the Gundam 00 planning stage. (Incidentally, I understand many of the same folks who brought us 00 are involved with this new project.)

The new gundam itself (which presumably runs on protagonist power, something at least marginally more plausible than Gundam 00's magical fairy dust) features optional add-on equipment to create speedy or beefcake versions of the suit, which is to say the design primarily serves Bandai's merchandising machine (no surprises there). No doubt it won't be long before we find out about this one's extra shiny/nonsensical color change/magical girl mode.

All I can say is at least we've still got Gundam Unicorn coming out.

End of line.

More CDA on the Way…

On a non-Gunpla (but still Gundam-related) note, another installment of the Char's Deleted Affair manga should be released in the near future from the interwebs' favorite Gundam translation group, Zeonic Scanlations.

As some of you may know, dear readers, I've been doing sporadic editing and quality checking work for Zeonic for the last couple years, mostly in the hopes of seeing Char's Deleted Affair completed after however many years it's been on Zeonic's docket. I'm always excited when another few pieces of the comic land in my inbox to be tidied up a bit before being released, and that's just what happened yesterday. From the looks of it, we're gearing up to release volume 6, which I believe marks the halfway point in the series.

For Universal Century buffs and especially fans of Char, this is a must-read series with excellent drawing, some interesting mecha design, and excellent mobile suit combat. (Nothing like seeing Char fight a beam saber battle with one GM while delivering the Red Comet Kick to another at the same time.) The story covers Char's time on the asteroid Axis between the end of the One Year War and his return to the Earth sphere before the events of Z Gundam. Check out the first five volumes, already released by Zeonic… If you're prepared to endure the wait to see the rest. Not gonna lie, it could be awhile.

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