After a two-year dearth of Gunpla, I suddenly find myself with two kits on my hands. The Tallgeese, of course, has been at the top of my list since I first heard of it, and I ordered it recently in anticipation of the retrieval of my models and tools from storage. On the other hand, the RG Zeta Gundam came as a surprise gift from one of my readers, and happened to arrive yesterday, the day before the Tallgeese.

Despite my previous declaration of intent to return to Gunpla by building the Tallgeese, I must first wait for the return of my tools (or else get replacements) and save up a bit for the order of paints the kit will require. Accordingly, the unexpected RG Zeta will be first up, since I figure I'll try to build it without any special supplies, just out of the box.

You'll find the Zeta's gallery page already set up. I'll probably get started on it this weekend.