If you've been putting up with my rambling since back in the day, dear reader, you know that I've long been hoping for an updated Tallgeese kit, preferably in the Master Grade lineup. With the release of the five Endless Waltz gundams, and now the Epyon in that lineup, I've been hopeful that an MG Tallgeese may be a real possibility.

Also coming down the pipe in the near future is a Tallgeese III figure in the Robot Damashii line. Not something I have any interest in of itself, but it suggests the possibility that Bandai has its engineers on the project of updating the Tallgeese model design for other releases. Given what I've seen in some of the recent Wing manga, I imagine there may be some interest in producing Leo kits in the not-too-distant future, and producing a workable Tallgeese kit would not only be quite apropos to that purpose, but would be functionally useful as well.

On the other hand, the Robot Damashii Tallgeese could signal that Bandai has no interest in producing a more expensive version of the suit in MG form, instead just resigning the Tallgeese redesign to a figure line.

Optimism isn't one of my natural qualities, but when it comes to Tallgeese I try to continue to be hopeful. Plus, I figure Bandai's tendency toward as much merchandising as possible is pretty reliable.

Has anybody been following the releases of certain suits as figures and kits closely enough to see any pattern or relationship between model and figure releases?