While all the other boys and girls were probably playing outside, I spent my day off building the Unicorn Gundam's arms. A couple of additional pictures are now in the gallery.

I'm surprised how quickly this project is moving along, despite the complexity of the model. On the other hand, much of that complexity is only apparent. In fact, it may not be that the kit is actually more complex than other models (indeed, something like the Hi-Nu Gundam, with its much more extensively detailed internal frame, may rightly be said to be more complex), but that it is more ingenious on account of its elaborate transformation mechanism. Because of that mechanism, the model definitely has a different feel than everything I've built before in terms of the kinds of parts it uses and the ways those parts fit together. That different impression is easy to regard as heightened complexity.

In any case, only the shoulder armor, backpack, and head remain, aside from the suit's weapons. At this point I'm probably past the halfway mark.