Good news, everyone. A recent conversation with a fellow model-builder brought a couple excellent things to my attention. For starters, it seems there are in fact some alternatives to the old and rare B-Club resin parts to convert the original MG Gouf into an Efreet. Outstanding among them is K-Team's Efreet conversion kit, which really looks like a dream come true as far as completing the Wolfgar Team goes. Their Efreet kit seems to be sold out, but I've contacted them to see if they mightn't have one tucked away someplace, or if its possible they'll cast more. They also have parts for an Efreet Nacht conversion, tempting in and of itself.

Next up, it seems like a recast of the Gundam Pixie B-Club parts may be available. I've held out hope for the Efreet as relatively reasonable for awhile, but the Pixie had until now remained something I figured was likely to be unobtainable. Evidently not so. If that Hobbyfan listing is to be believed, I can obtain the holy grail of gundam-type conversion parts for a pretty low price if 10 customers request a production run. I've put in my order, and hope it'll only be a matter of time before enough people get on board. If anybody else out there has any interest in building the prince of unsung gundam variations, consider joining me.

Finally, happy tidings I'm almost unable to fully accept: a little birdie told me Bandai has plans for an MG Tallgeese ver. EW to follow the release of the MG Gundam Heavyarms in the same line of new Wing kits. What exactly a ver. EW Tallgeese will be is uncertain, but given the other offerings, particularly the ver. EW Epyon, an original Tallgeese (rather than the Tallgeese III) seems reasonably likely. Needless to say, I'll be on the lookout for official tidings about this kit, and you'll hear about it here.