After years of keeping my models in storage, and only ever having enough space to display a select few, I've decided to auction some of my completed kits. Doing so will both free up space (still very limited in my tiny apartment) and provide funding for kits I'd like to build, but haven't in part because of the expense. I didn't make this decision lightly, but I've realized I enjoy building Gunpla more than owning them, and that my finished models don't amount to anything if they never get out of their boxes. I hope they'll end up with appreciative owners who can actually display them, or even find new life by contributing parts to new builds.

Before I list these models on eBay, I'd like to give my readers a first crack at them. Please get in touch if you'd like to buy any of the following models:

MG Hyaku-Shiki, MG Unicorn Gundam OVA ver., MG Gundam ver. 2.0, MG Gundam Ez8.