Below are Gunpla kits I'm considering building in the future.

Top o' the list:
MG RX-93-v Nu Gundam ver. Ka

While I'm a little wary of this redesign's incorporation of sliding armor plates and inner frame sparkly bits à la the Unicorn Gundam, the suit is too much a favorite and the kit looks too good to pass up. It's an expensive and complex model, so this one's a good way down the road. Undecided whether to keep Amuro's sharp black-on-white color scheme, paint it in the purple-on-white of his White Zeta (as I did with the Hi-Nu Gundam), or go in an entirely different custom direction. I've decided to build this kit as the unit I piloted in a recent dream.

* * *
MG MSN-04 Sazabi ver. Ka

A new Master Grade Sazabi has been on many builders' wish lists for a long time, my own included. Katoki's rendition of the Red Comet's beautiful behemoth looks like it doesn't disappoint. My only question on this one is whether to stick to Char's signature red, or build the white Haman Khan custom I've had in mind for awhile.

MG RX-78-2 Gundam ver. 3.0

Because it's the Gundam. Also, excellent kit though it is, the faithful-to-a-fault screen accuracy of the ver. 2.0 Gundam was never quite to my liking, and I'd like another shot at correcting some of my mistakes from my first go at building the first Gundam.

MG MS-06S Zaku II ver. 2.0 Martin Wandering Custom

With my great love for the ver. 2.0 Zakus, it's only natural that I should build one to represent a Zaku of my very own.

MG RX-78XX Gundam Pixie

Long ago in days of yore Bandai's subsidiary B-Club made a resin conversion parts kit for the Master Grade RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type model. Of course, nowadays the conversion parts are nigh impossible to come by, but I'm determined one day to come by them. Actually I've sort of come to despair of ever finding the parts, alas. I also have my doubts regarding the quality of the base model, which I'd say is decent at best.

I've become quite a fan of the short bit of original story from Cross Dimension, the old Gundam SNES game. I look forward both to the rare chance to build what may well be the most obscure gundam of all, and to the challenge the conversion will pose as a modeling project. If I ever can get my paws on that B-Club kit, I intend to go all-out in making this model, sparing no care and attending to every detail.

If I ever have a pile of money and lots of time I might even build an Efreet and four Zakus to keep Pixie occupied.

Ironically enough, it would seem I've gotten around to building at least the four Zakus in advance.