What if the Zeonic Company's famous Zaku I prototype had lost the bid to become the mainstay mobile suit of the Principality of Zeon? What if Zimmad Company's vastly superior Zudah had won (hopefully with its fatal engine flaw corrected)?

For one thing, the Red Comet's first mobile suit would've looked like this. (And the Earth Federation's new Gundam would've had even slimmer chances of surviving at the outset.)

Once again, Char's suit starts off with one good arm.

Very fun to build so far. It's a nice relief how easily everything goes together, and yet how well the model turns out. The shoulder has an impressive range of motion, both up-and-down (as shown) and front-to-back. The head also moves around fairly well, and the monoeye can be swiveled side-to-side via a tab under the dome-piece armor.

Zudah's impressive main thruster swivels in all directions. Would've used copper if I'd had any around, but I think the gold turned out just as well, if not nicer.

Front view. Zudah stands smartly at attention, but leaves his square demeanor behind when he strikes a pose.

Rear view.

Char practices his shield-fu.

Spending some time on the rifle range.

Present beware, future beware, he's coming, he's coming, Char's coming!

This is my boomstick.

Don't even try to pretend yours is bigger.

Taking aim to pierce the heavens.

The heavy artillery serves the noble cause of defending the bar.


I won't say as much in the way of technical criticism here, for at this point my experience lies otherwise entirely with MG kits. Broadly speaking, I'm impressed with the construction and flexibility of this model, especially given my past experience with other high grade kits. Detailing is satisfactory: fairly limited, but suitable to the model and sufficient to make it interesting. Accessories and gimmicks are good, particularly the shield. On the whole, I felt that the grade of the model suited the scale, whereas all other HG's I've built or seen built (all 1/100) seemed cludged together and sometimes downright lacking in terms of detail and poseability.

Some trouble encountered while painting left some surfaces on Char's Zudah sort of blotchy, but fortunately the end result, though unsought, is a not-unsuitable weathered look. Inking struck me as much more difficult than on an MG model due to the smaller size. I get the impression that much more effort would be required to make one of these 1/144 models turn out as nicely as a modern MG.

If I manage to find another Zudah kit, I'll snap it up and eventually add a standard Zaku-style green unit to this gallery.