At first, I thought "I'd never want to build one of those bling-tastic metallic-coated models, no, not I." I began to watch Zeta Gundam, and before long found myself fascinated with that "rather bright" Hyaku Shiki. But if it was so shiny that even Char I-used-to-pilot-a-pink-Zaku Aznable thought it was a bit much, certainly there'd be no way I'd be interested, no, not I. Besides, with that metallic coating, the clip marks would be absolutely atrocious, and impossible to hide. Then I found floating around on the net the comment of one of the top mechanical engineers to the effect that he regarded this Hyaku Shiki as the most gorgeous Master Grade kit — for it was the first and only one specially designed such that none of the clip points are visible after assembly.

A gleaming, golden spark was struck in my flinty heart.

From the right angle, the gold parts come together quite flatteringly, but there are some seams which ended up a little off.

Interestingly, the hands are different than any other kit I've seen so far. Two pairs are offered, both with a fixed thumb attached to the palm piece, and the four fingers as a single hinged piece. The hand above is evidently for holding a gun, while the other configuration is intended for a beam saber. While on one hand I'm a little disappointed that they didn't even bother with the usual partially articulate hands on this model, on the other, if these end up giving the suit a better grip, I won't mind.

What a relief to build a torso with separate hip and chest units. The waist doesn't really have any back-forth or side-to-side flexibility like more recent kits, but at least it can rotate.

The upper part of the leg is empty, but the lower leg has some nice mechanical detail. That big piston works, of course.

The armored leg. When I first encountered the Type 100's design, the shins actually were the oddest thing about it (after the whole gold thing). Since then I've come to appreciate the less-armor aesthetic it represents.

The front view. Note the gap at the seam between the two armor panels which meet above the red pipes on the forearm.

The rear view. Note beam sabers in recharge racks on the rear skirt.

Knight in shining mobile suit. I like the noble posture this captures.

I make a similar face when the loudspeaker carts come around.

Char/Quattro had better give the armor a polish; those fingerprints really smudge it up.

All the other mobile suits used to make fun of Hyaku Shiki's yellow beam sabers, but look at him now.

Kicking off with momentum.

"It's that golden suit!"

Quattro sets out to rid the streets of loudspeaker carts.

That's a, uh… deep space observation telescope reflected in the left shoulder, yeah.

A bewildered Hyaku Shiki on the defensive against Ben's Qubeley.

Finally, the freedom from gravity Hyaku Shiki's always wanted.

Quattro is evidently a little embarrassed to have been caught posing.

Looks like whoever took these pictures didn't get off easy.


This kit was quite satisfying, despite being a relatively older model in the Master Grade line. The whole model comes together quite nicely, poses well, and looks lovely. While indeed the clip marks on the gold parts aren't completely invisible, having the connection points molded so as to not be on the outer surface of the pieces where possible made a big difference. That's a feature that any kit would benefit from, and it'd be great if Bandai made it standard.

The biggest problem with the model on the whole is the fit of certain pieces. Some of the parts, notably in the forearm and the backpack, just didn't come together very closely. No doubt this is due to my negligence, but I've never had the same problem with the other MG models I've built so far. Fortunately, this issue was a minor one, and otherwise I've basically got no complaints.

I noted the odd minimally articulate hands above, and indeed it turns out they hold the Type 100's weapons fairly well, and don't look half bad. The bazooka is a bit unwieldy, but tucks under the arm without too much difficulty.

Brute that I am, I managed to snap the barrel off the beam rifle, and subsequently discovered my glue had all dried up, so that weapon won't be seen for awhile.