This project began when Katherine discovered that a number of mobile suits from the Advance of Zeta manga were named after characters from Watership Down, one of her favorite novels ever. To my surprise, despite her ambivalence toward Gundam generally, and her mild disapproval of my own Gunpla habit, she expressed interest in my idle suggestion that I could build her a custom model of some sort. Before long we had settled on calling it the Gundam Rabscuttle.

At first we had planned to do a pretty serious kitbash using the MG Gundam Mk. II ver. 2.0 as the base, but after perusing the HGUC line of 1/144 models of the Advance of Zeta suits, my better half decided she'd rather combine various elements of several easily compatible models. Ultimately, she chose to combine the great, thumpin' legs of the Advanced Hazel with the tri-booster-equipped torso of the Hazel II, and top it off with the head of a GM Quel. The Rabscuttle will retain the dark-and-darker blue colors of the Titans, though what, if any, badging it will bear remains as yet undetermined.

The piles of spare parts will be used to construct at least one companion for the Rabscuttle. At present, Katherine plans to use the Advanced Hazel's unusual head as the basis for the Gundam Bigwig.

In the last days before her departure, Katherine finally got down to work on her kit, assembling and detailing it herself. It now resides with the other gundams, watching over the living room.

Front view. Talk about leggy. These shins, in 1/144, are bigger than most of my 1/100 models' legs.

Side-rear view. No doubt capable of some serious hopping with that tri-booster.

Rabscuttle senses a threat to the warren, and reaches for his lone beam saber. (Like a rabbit, lightly armed but highly maneuverable and fast.)

Off to raid the gardens of the Universal Century. (Char: "My cabbages!")

The GM Quel, I think, is my favorite GM iteration, and I like its head in particular.