A showdown in pictures.

The Final Battle of Char & Amuro

Most of the posed scenes below are based on the ebb and flow of the final encounter between Char and Amuro as animated in Char's Counterattack. Click on a photo to view the original frame which inspired it.

Sazabi awaits the coming of his rival.

Fully armed, Hi-Nu Gundam prepares to depart the Ra Cailum for the last time.

Amidst a flurry of fighting funnels, battle is joined.

Shields, funnels, ranged weapons all lost, the two foes' (colorful) blades cross.

Char lunges from above, but meets Amuro's parry. (Not quite the same as the original scene, but I couldn't quite get Sazabi almost upside-down.)

The exchange of blows continues.

Amuro dodges another blow.

Char busts out the beam tomahawk (odd, considering Sazabi's shield was destroyed some time earlier) and has Amuro on the ropes.

Running out of weapons, Char makes a desperate lunge.

Bereft of all weaponry, the two pilots come to mobile suit fisticuffs. It's not looking good for the Red Comet.

Regardless of how things turned out in Char's Counterattack, Sazabi and Nu Gundam timelessly battle on.